XML API Integration – Flight Hotel Tour Transfer API Integration for Travel Industry

XML API Integration – Flight Hotel Tour Transfer API Integration for Travel Industry


In this competitive industry, all travel and tourism companies want to expand and take their business to the next level. With lots of Technology Companies offering XML API Integration Services, travel agents find it difficult to choose the right solution for their travel business; therefore here we are with the best solution for you.

Technoheaven is a leading Travel Technology Company that provides the best XML API Integration for worldwide travel and tourism companies. In the travel industry, we provide end-to-end API integration solutions and build best B2B/B2C travel booking engines that are supported with XML connection from third-party travel service providers including Hotel API Integrations, Flight API Integration, Tour API Integrations, Transfer API Integration, Car Rental API Integration and Payment Gateway Integration are just a few of the services that our organization offers.

Our experienced professionals develop the best XML API Integrations with a powerful online booking system that also includes options for integrating multiple hotel, flight, tour, transfer XMLs including DOTW, Expedia, Hotelbeds, kliknbook, Carnect, and Tour API Integrations connected via Rayna Tours such as Dubai Dolphinarium, and Payment Gateway Integration with PayFort and more that manages payments.

XML API Integration functions as a translator between the customer and the provider, allowing for a variety of formats and computer languages. This technology makes it simple to present precise information on hotel, flight, transfer and car rental providers, among other things. It is easily integrated into reservation software and enables travel businesses to streamline operations and efficiently cater to multiple guest requirements. Incorporate XML API Integration into your travel business, and your website will take on a more flexible and modern appearance without requiring a larger investment in expensive and expert design designs.

What are the Key Features of XML API Integration?

Here, are some of the Key features of XML API Integration:-

Easy Connectivity

Access to global flight, hotel, tour, transfer inventory

Payment Gateway Integration

Hotel XML In & XML Out

Transfer XML API Integration

Flight API Integration

Activity XML Out

Integrated Backoffice system

Access to the remote database

Easy retrieval of product information

Multi-language & Multi-currency

Hope this helps you to know more about XML API Integration. For more detailed information, Book Free Demo and our expert team will contact you soon.

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