Why do you need Hotel Channel Manager for hotel business?

Why do you need Hotel Channel Manager for hotel business?


Hotel Industry is continuously evolving with the advancement in technology. So it is important for hotels to stay up-to-date with latest trends in technology to gain advantage over competitors.

It has become common for hotels to update room inventories and prices manually on each channel and track bookings from multiple channels. But managing online distribution of hotel inventory manually without automated distribution systems becomes a hectic task.

This is where Hotel Channel Manager comes into the picture.

So in this fast-paced hotel industry, Technoheaven will find you the most powerful hotel channel manager with new trends to increase business revenue.

Technoheaven Hotel Channel Manager is one of the leading technologies in hotel industry. This impressive channel management tool has power to change the way hotels operate and maximize revenue streams.

In this article, we will discuss what is hotel channel manager and why do you need hotel channel manager?

What is Hotel Channel Manager?

Hotel Channel Manager is software that updates hotel inventory and prices in real time across OTAs and simplifies the process of inventory distribution while minimizing the risk of overbookings and maximizing revenues for hotels.

Why do you need Hotel Channel Manager for hotel business?

If you have a small Bed & Breakfast, you don’t need a Hotel Channel Manager.

But if you run a hotel with hundreds of rooms, then Hotel Channel Manager from technoheaven is a must for your business.

Why? Because Hotel channel manager helps hotel to publish room inventory, availability and room rates in real times to multiple Online Travel Agencies at same time.

  • Hotel Channel Manager automates inventory distribution process.
  • Hotel Channel Manager allows hotels to build strong connection with major online distribution channels.
  • Connect with online distribution channels like Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), Retail Agencies, booking channels and Global Distribution Channels.
  • Live Update of hotel inventory & rates on multiple OTAs.
  • Sell hotel rooms across various distribution channels.
  • Using Hotel channel manager, hotels can easily manage all bookings from multiple channels into single place.
  • Hotel Channel Manager also offers Pooled Inventory System which grants access to room inventory to all online channels at the same time.
  • Hotel Channel Manager makes Inventory distribution fast and error free.
  • Hotel Channel Manager increases visibility of your brand across various channels and unlocks great revenue opportunities for your hotel business.

In addition we also discuss features of hotel channel manager and benefits of hotel channel manager.

Which are different features of hotel channel manager?

Here is the list of Hotel Channel Manager Features

  • Dynamic hotel inventory management
  • Two Way Integration
  • Update hotel inventory & rates in real time
  • Automate hotel operations
  • Integrate with multiple channels
  • Simplify online distribution process
  • Manage hotel bookings in real time
  • Pooled Inventory System
  • Price Parity

How Hotel Channel Manager benefits hotel business?

Here is the list of Benefits of Hotel Channel Manager

  • Automatically update hotel inventory
  • Connect to multiple channels
  • Maximize hotel bookings
  • No overbookings
  • Increase visibility in global market
  • Increase efficiency of hotel
  • Saves Time & Money

Hotel Channel Manager is the best thing that hotel operators used for their business growth.

Watch this Hotel Channel Manager video to know more about what is Hotel Channel Manager, what are benefits & features of hotel channel manager and why you need hotel channel manager in your system and how it work to increase travel business revenue.

Find more detailed information about technoheaven hotel channel manager is and how hotel channel manager works in hotel industry.

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