What is the white label solution for travel agency?

What is the white label solution for travel agency?


White label travel portal solutions brings together the best flight, hotel, holiday inventory from world’s suppliers and lets your clients sell these travel products under their brand and on their portal.

Technoheaven provide best white label solution. Their professional developers develop best white label solution which are exactly fit their client requirement. They provide both B2B and B2C white label solution for travel agency and travel agent. Their white label solutions also add ultimate value to your website and can help to grow business with their innovative and robust white label solutions.

White label solution allows a travel agent to earn a lot of revenue, provide their customers with excellent services, all under the name of client brand. White label solutions can enable you to use your business one of a kind branding to offer a product without putting resources into innovation creation around the solution. Thus, empowering you to concentrate on the brand your image and selling your services while simplifying the transformation way for your clients.

White label is a perfect solution for the individuals who are not willing to put lots of time and energy in structure a B2B/B2C white label travel portal/Booking Portal, be that as it may, need to have an online presence. White label travel portal easily permit the making of customized tour packages all aspects of your client’s requirements. With improvement in travel innovation, many travel organization spread wide through over numerous travel products with consistently utilizing white label solution.

Why Technoheaven white label solution?

  • Fully Customizable Travel Portal
  • Multiple products and multiple services
  • Fit any end customer requirement of the client
  • Scalable and robust technology
  • Increases the visibility of your brand
  • It helps in saving money & time
  • Robust tracking and reporting
  • Acquire new customers and increase your loyalty
  • Incremental revenue
  • Easy implementation
If you are a DMC, travel agent or professional travel organizer, look at Technoheaven White Label Solution. Technoheaven easily creat your module with innovative technology and schedule creation simple. What’s more, its white label solution enables you to put your brand front and center, expanding brand loyalty and client maintenance.

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