White Label Solution, a Convenient Way to Build Your Online Presence

White Label Solution, a Convenient Way to Build Your Online Presence


A proactive selling online platform is the heart of the business and this statement sounds the more correct when talked about the travel industry. It’s true that, even in today’s online era, there are many travel businesses which are running offline through email, phone conversations; though, the efficacy of such businesses is always questionable. However, building a customized solution right from the scratch in order to meet the exact requirements of your business is not going to be easier than and as quick as you might have thought, especially when you are into a start-up phase. Opting for your own website might lead to many potential concerns which can affect your business.


1. Building a website involves a huge investment in developing tools.

2. As a website owner, you will have to wait for a considerably long time to get your website live and generate traffic.

3. Logically, your focus should be on marketing your core competencies; however, you might be stuck in troubleshooting the problems of the website as it’s in developing stage and you need to dedicate some of the time for the same as well.

4. You will have to re-invent everything whatever it takes to build an online dynamic website and have to go through a mistake in order to get a perfect solution.

In short, holding entrepreneurship, where everything is based ‘DIY’ concept, incorporating a website solution also cannot be separated from this. As an entrepreneur, you might act as a pendulum moving to and fro between trials & errors. Does this sound too pessimistic? Well, there is always a way out from such situations.

These stumbling blocks can be avoided if you opt for a white label solution, rather than building one yourself. A white label is a product, produced by A company and resold by B company, by customizing the product with B company’s logo & brand identity. To put it simply, company A will provide a white label website to company B where company B can customize it with its brand, company logo, name, information, header, footer, etc. & sell its products, services online just like its own website.
The white label has a range of benefits that will allow you to overcome many pitfalls.

1. Saves time and money
In a start-up phase, it is not always possible to invest time, money & energy in developing tools. The White label works best in such scenarios as its cost is very less as compared to building a complete website. Ultimately, it saves your money & time in developing tools.

2. Quick and easy to launch
White label is an integrated, readymade & quick solution which take less time for development. As it’s a ready framework of an already built up website, only the customization part of reseller’s logo & identity to be added requires time which is very less.

3. Allows you to focus on business development
As your website part is being taken care of, you will be able to focus on your business’s core competencies, important resources, and expertise. You can put more efforts in the marketing techniques for selling the products & services which will boost up the sales & generate the additional revenue.

4. A consistent experience
Since white label works exactly like a website, or rather it is a website itself which will allow you to sell the products and services to the end users or agents without the manual communications through emails or phone calls that happen in offline businesses. Through a white label, the business owner can have their own customers base & win customers’ loyalty by being consistently efficient in offering services through an online platform, that too under your own brand name.

Automated operations in a business are something that always saves time, provides accuracy, transparency in transactions, and keeps track records of everything. Having an online solution in the form of the white label will let you enjoy all the benefits of a perfect website and that too at a crazy low cost, without letting you invest in technology creation or infrastructure. You can put more emphasis on building your online presence and brand awareness in the competitive market while on the other hand, you can have everything related to the business in an automated format with the help of white label solutions.

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