What are the advantages of travel agency software to travel management companies?

What are the advantages of travel agency software to travel management companies?


Technoheaven is one of the world’s leading travel portal development company which enabling their clients to serve their customer efficiently with right pricing and inventory. Technoheaven is offering travel agency software for the travel industry. They specialized for travel software and XML API Integration which maintain the technical and customer service for their client domain.

They develop highly profitable solutions for clients, who are being always gratifying when they meet the actual requirements related to their business. Technoheaven is the best travel portal development company that provide competitive advantage through its customer-focused advanced technology solutions that optimize travel agent’s needs.

The advantage of travel agency software to travel management are listed below:

  • It can easily add documents, videos, maps and pictures to travel package.
  • It can easily sell travel product quickly.
  • It can upload various kind of inventory like ranged based costing, unit based pricing and occupancy based pricing.
  • It can easily manage payment policies, discounts, promotions and supplements.
  • It help travel agency to get detailed report for growing your travel business for purpose of billing, reporting and settlement.
  • It also have time consuming to easily make a manual task and fastest way to error correct.
  • It also help to grow travel business and make a good profits.

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