Why Travel Agencies & DMCs should opt for a Technoheaven’s B2B Solution?

Why Travel Agencies & DMCs should opt for a Technoheaven’s B2B Solution?


Gone are those days when travel agency has to deal with their agents through emails, phone calls & face-to-face conversation. Lots of paperwork for maintaining records & non-automated travel bookings can lead to bewildering things which can become hurdles in the smooth functioning of the business. On the other hand, if you have a system streamlining the overall procedure, you can always focus on other competencies, core areas & strategies for your business. A travel booking engine for B2B is the ultimate solution if you are dealing with travel agents.

A B2B solution for the travel business is an online portal where agents can go ahead with the bookings just like an end-user does the bookings. Sounds simple? Well, it is simpler to manage your agents when you have a perfect B2B booking engine with all the required features. The B2B booking engine is suitable for travel agencies, destination management companies or travel companies that have a sub-agents network that further deals with end-users. This B2B online system can also be integrated with third-party suppliers (XML Integration) who provide the inventories at the best rates. Your agent has to simply register and login to the portal and do the bookings of hotels, holiday packages, activities or tours, etc. However, since it will work for the agents, there are certain functionalities that are also part of the system.

If an agent does not want to sell any of the available packages or activities, he can create his own custom package & sell the same to the customers. The agent can create multiple quote options with various hotels, activities, meals at the same time. The quote can be saved & edited later in which alterations can be done. Also, adding markups to these packages is also very flexible. For example, an agent has added the mark up while building a package & later on if he might think to make the pricing more competitive, still, he can alter the markups in the already built-up package. This package can be sent to customers with itinerary & pricing which can have the branding of the agent with their logo & company name. This feature will encourage agents to book more and sell more as their own branding on booking vouchers will offer a personalized touch. Agents can get the benefit of Credit payment options for all the services with online connectivity.

A robust platform of B2B booking engine offered by Techno Heaven has a wide range of features that allows you to

  • Define agent’s type – Cash or Credit
  • Create subagent(s)
  • Set profile of agents
  • Build own package
  • Set agent wise mark up
  • Flexible markup & commission settings
  • Issue online voucher
  • Online settlement of invoices & receipts
  •  Flexible online payment
  •  Auto alerts for confirmation, bookings, tickets
  • Comprehensive MIS reports
  • Mobile responsive website
  • User-friendly interface

Third-party suppliers i.e. XML integrations can also be integrated into the B2B system which will fetch a large inventory of hotels, tours, sightseeing, holiday packages, etc. – at the best rates. Moreover, as a travel agency, you can opt for mobility by introducing yourself on smartphone platforms as well i.e. android & iOS through powerfully built up mobile applications which will work just as a clone of your B2B website with all enriching features, empowering your agents to do transactions from anywhere, anytime.

Benefits Of Developing B2B Booking Platform

  • Do not limit yourself to sell the travel products to end-users only, wherein you can expand your sub-agents network & sell the travel products worldwide to intensify the global exposure.
  • There is no need for communicating with agents through emails or phones, ultimately leading to saved time, energy & effort.
  • The automated process of selling & overall functionalities will give you a clear picture of your business with accurate analysis & comprehensive reports.
  • A well-built-up b2b website promotes the principle of ‘Sell more, earn more.

The primary objective of the b2b booking engine is offering mutual benefits to the travel agency & its offline agents’ network so that they can process more productive bookings by working together with efficacy & time can be spent more elsewhere on business development or marketing goals.

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