Manage Your Travel Business Easily with Tour Operator Software

Manage Your Travel Business Easily with Tour Operator Software


Why Tour Operator Software is indispensable for virtual travel business?

As a travel agent, one understands the importance of an online portal which automates the booking processes smoothly. Whether you have a complete range of products & services or only tours to be sold, a web platform is a must. Tour operator is one chunk of the complete travel business. For example, Mr. A has a travel agency that deals in B2B & B2C, ultimately it means Mr. A is selling flights, hotels, holiday packages, tours, etc. directly to the end-users & travel agents as well. That is Mr. A has an entire range of travel products under his brand name. On the other hand, Mr. B provides only Tours from various tour suppliers. Ultimately, it means Mr. B is a Tour Operator and he does not need to have a huge website but simply tour operator software. To put it in simple words, the tour operator is a subdivision of the B2B travel &  B2C travel business.

How Tour Suppliers can be easily integrated into Tour Operator Software?

Tour operator software is integrated with tour suppliers of popular destinations. Whereas suppliers can enter their tours and those tours can be booked by the end-users. To shed more light on the concept – for example – Rayna Tours is the most popular DMC (Destination Management Company) in Dubai & it works with many of the tour suppliers. Though Rayna is the biggest travel agency, it works as a tour operator as well. Suppliers like Atlantis water park, Burj Khalifa, Ferrari World, Ski Dubai etc. have integration with Rayna Tours. In addition, they showcase their activities on Rayna’s booking portal and those tours are further booked by end-users. Here, Rayna works as a tour operator who acts as a mediator between the suppliers & customers.

A tour operator software is a unique product to manage the tours and it has countless benefits both on operators’ and suppliers’ sides. Here we have rounded up the best one.

Smart Travel Tech Features of Tour Operator Software.

1. Live seat availability

Customers can view the live availability of seats while booking tours, as the inventory gets fetched directly from the supplier. It helps customers in the overall booking process.

2.  Create Multiple tour Options 

You can facilitate the suppliers by allowing them to create multiple options for one tour. For example – One tour of ‘Desert Safari’ can have different options like – Desert Safari, Desert Safari with unlimited alcohol, Desert Safari with VIP Majlis etc. & customer can select any one or more of them.

Also, if the tour executes more than once in a day, a customer can select the preferred time slot. Transfer options can also be managed depending on what customer is willing to opt for a viz. private transfer, sharing transfer, etc.

3. Display Products Information and Details

Suppliers can enter an informative description of the tour to give an idea to customers what is tour all about. It can include everything – right from the brief summary of the duration, location to what customers are going to enjoy. They can also write about fascinating points of tours which make the tour unique. Information on inclusions & exclusions, other useful information, terms & conditions, FAQs – every kind of details can be added in order to let the customer know all about tours.

4. Generation of Barcode on Vouchers/Tickets

In order to prevent duplicate entries at the destination, the barcode feature helps in the best way. Once the barcode is scanned, it means the ticket has been utilized for that particular tour. Techno Heaven’s unique application of Activity Barcode Scanner works efficiently in this as it is specially made for the tour suppliers to scan ticket barcodes.

5. Convenience to keep a tab on allocations

If a supplier is integrated directly with the system, then the leverage of live seat availability can be taken. However, if it is not integrated, still supplier can provide a certain no. of allocations i.e. seats to the operator for selling whose inventory gets updated with each booking & it becomes convenient to keep a tab on allocations.

6. Track your customers’ journey to their destination

Ticketing module assists you to keep a track record of tickets confirmed, issued & redeemed. Customers do not have to contact the operator after reaching the destination. Meanwhile, the ticket with barcode allows them to enter hassle-free and helps them by preventing inconvenience after booking till the tour gets executed.

With the help of tour operator software, you can serve customers in the most efficient way. Since all the operations get automated, you do not need to do anything manually and you can focus on bringing more tour suppliers on your platform & expand your reach even globally. Operating the travel business was never so easy.  But now it’s easier than you might have thought as there is an efficacious solution of tour operator software.

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