How hotel channel manager benefits travel agent to increase business Revenue

How hotel channel manager benefits travel agent to increase business Revenue


The role of Hotel Channel Manager has become extremely important within the hotel industry, because they allow hoteliers to add hotel inventories to various online hotel distribution channels such as OTAs (online travel agencies), retail agents, tour operators and travel agents to provide customers with convenient way to book hotels online from the comfort of the home with just few clicks.

But it becomes very hectic for hoteliers to manage hotel inventories and room rates manually. However, a powerful hotel channel manager can simplify this process and maximize revenue potential for hotel businesses.

Hotel Channel Manager is the best and most effective channel management tool for businesses in hotel industry to manage their hotel bookings effectively. 

It speeds up the process of selling hotel rooms across various channels for hotels and enables them to have unparalleled reach and greater visibility in online market.

Hotel Channel Manager is a great way to connect hotels to multiple online distribution channels such as Online Travel Agencies, Wholesalers, Tour Operators and Booking Engines. This in turn will allow hotels to get access to numerous guests looking for online bookings of hotel rooms.

Hotel Channel Manager ensures that live rates and availability of hotel inventory is updated across all distribution channels and helps in minimizing the risk of overbooking for hotel rooms. It reserves hotel room as soon as the guest confirms a hotel booking at any online distribution channel and immediately updates other channels about unavailability of this particular hotel room.

So Technoheaven provides innovative hotel channel management solution that helps hotels to sell more rooms across OTAs and maximize revenue potential. This hotel channel manager solution adds ultimate value to hotel business and help to grow business in travel industry market. Hotel Channel Manager Software helps hotel business to solve complex challenges to help them stand out from competitors.

Hence, here are some valuable features of best hotel channel manager for business:

1. Update inventory and rates across all connected OTAs with a single click simultaneously.
2. Hotel Channel Manager allows selling hotel rooms to numerous guests through different online distribution channels.
3. Best online hotel distribution system allows connecting with Online Travel Agencies, Wholesalers, Retail Travel Agents, Global Distribution Systems and Booking Engines.
4. View hotel bookings with different status like Confirmed, cancel, etc from different OTAs in one place with Hotel channel management software.

Features of Hotel Channel Manager:

  • Dynamic hotel inventory management
  • Live Update of Hotel Inventory & Rates
  • Automation of Hotel Operations
  • Two way Integration
  • Multiple Channel Integration
  • Simplify Inventory Distribution Process
  • Audit Hotel Bookings in Real Time
  • Price Parity

Benefits of hotel channel manager:

Real-time Hotel Inventory:
Hotels can automatically update hotel inventory, availability and rates in real time across all online distribution channels such as Online Travel Agencies (OTAs ), Wholesalers, Retail Agents and Booking Engines with hotel channel manager.

Hotel Bookings Management:
View booking status like confirmed, cancelled, etc from multiple distribution channels in one place.

Advance Price Rate Planning:
Manage hotel room prices for different seasons and update same across all channels using Hotel Channel Manager Software.

Avoid Double-bookings:
Hotel channel manager allows automating hotel room inventory, rates, and availability updates in real-time, so sold-out rooms are excluded from all channels so guests can only book hotel rooms that are actually available thus eliminating the risk of double bookings.

Greater Online Visibility:
Update hotel inventory on major OTAs to reach out guests in worldwide market to sell more hotel rooms with hotel channel manager.

Connect with multiple channels
Hotel channel management software connect hotel with multiple online distribution channels such as Online Travel Agencies, Retail Travel Agencies, Booking Engine and Global Distribution Systems in worldwide.

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