Different travel suppliers for the success of an online travel agency

Different travel suppliers for the success of an online travel agency


Travel Supplier means any airline company, hotel company, transportation company or tourism company providing travel-related service. There are so many travel suppliers available in the travel industry like flight, car, bus, hotel, train, transfer, payment in API format and integrated through web services.

Here is the list of Travel Suppliers for Hotels, Flights, and Tours.
Galileo, Hotel Beds, Mystifly, Pkfare, Bedlinker, Withinearth, GTA, Expedia, Agoda, Booking.com, Rooms XML, Travco, Lots of Hotel, Stuba, Fastpayhotels, Escalabeds, Travelbullz, Viator, Headout, Desiya and many more.

Technoheaven is one the best travel technology company. Our platform is 100+ travel suppliers across hotels, flights, sightseeing and other services. We build a strong relationship with clients to provide B2B/B2C/B2B2C portal, Hotel Contracting, Ticket Barcode Scan, Hotel Mapping, Back Office Module, Multi-Currency Module, and many more. Our vision to providing best product and travel technology services at best possible rates to travel agencies, tour operators, and airlines.

Technoheaven have the best booking engine which provides connection of different travel suppliers, enables travel agents to book in a single platform. So travel agents can easily book flights, hotels, transfers, car rental, and many more travel-related services.

Our professional team can develop an easy workflow to increase business revenue and making sure that we will always:

  • Make an easy connection with customers to the largest choice of suppliers.
  • Make a user-friendly online system.
  • Deliver high-quality service.
Our Product can be beneficial for suppliers and agents. so it’s a secure and free booking environment. Technoheaven provides powerful XML API integration with multiple suppliers. We also provide data in XML as well as JSON format for more flexibility. Innovative travel technology allows the travel agency to interact with customers.

Technoheaven is a creative travel technology company that explores the travel market with its travel technology module. so if you want to know more about travel suppliers or innovative travel technology then contact us today our experts contact you soon.

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