How B2B Travel Portal Benefits Travel Business

How B2B Travel Portal Benefits Travel Business


In today’s world, Every Travel company wants to gain more profit through business. B2B travel portal is most important and popular tool for travel agents and travel agencies. Technoheaven provides an efficient B2B travel portal service for travel companies.

B2B includes web-based solutions which help in forming new business relationships between different companies worldwide. B2B travel portal involves many businesses which help in the amazing growth of business and better relationship. In Travel Business B2B is an essential module.

Features of B2B Travel Portal:

  • Using B2B travel portal, marketing can be done through internet with zero cost.
  • Using B2B travel portal, you can spend less time in searching a link for better business.
  • B2B traders also exchange information which helps other traders in overcoming problems and learning new methods and techniques every day.
  • It also reduces functioning expenses for all trade members.
  • It also facilitate you to register & log in to access features based on the user type, tour packages, availability of rooms and cars rental for a particular day, make booking/ reservation online, view & update profile information etc.
  • Minimizes order processing costs.
  • Economic cost of interacting with customers.
  • Effectual utilization of the products and services is possible using user statistics reports, Easy reservation/booking of hotels/properties/flights/tour packages/car rental for customers.
  • Usual place to have entire reservation activities and entire reservations can be done with single login.
  • Simple way to perform cancellation of the earlier reservations made.
  • Enlarge business online and achieve a greater exposure resulting in increased revenue.
  • Real-time data access and maintenance.
Technoheaven provides a powerful B2B Online Portal with all the features mentioned above. It has helped many of our B2B customers.

So if you’re a B2B travel portal development company looking to take your business to the next level, schedule a demo of our B2B system with one of our sales consultants today. 

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