What Is Trip Builder? How Trip Builder Is Beneficial For Travel Agencies?

What Is Trip Builder? How Trip Builder Is Beneficial For Travel Agencies?


The Trip Builder solution is a trip quotation building system that helps agents automate operations and enhance reservations by providing tour creation, customization, hotel channel manager, hotel extranet, and contracting.

The trip builder system is intended to assist travel agents, tour operators, and agencies in properly responding to their customers' needs and keeping track of activities such as itinerary, meals, booking, and scheduling. It also creates travel, package, and tour designs that atomize sales for the best results.

Travel agency’s are shifting their Travel Business from offline to online in this Digital age, because of  this travel Technologies plays main role at that time it is very difficult to choose the best Travel Technology platform for your travel business so here presenting 

Technoheaven, a leading travel technology company develops the best Trip Builder, a tool for travel agencies and tour operators that allows them to create customized itineraries to improve customer experience and increase online bookings. It comes with the advanced features such as itinerary creation, itinerary customization, bookings, third-party inventory integration, payment integration, mobile-friendly design,  multicurrency, and Multilanguage support to increase business productivity and profitability. Benefit of Trip builder solution  is it  collect all travel data of hotel, flight, tour, transfer in one place and create advanced  customized travel itinerary to help travel agent and customers to  plan their travel in a better way.

Trip Builder  allow travel agent to build itinerary and customized travel software for Travel, Tour, Activity, and Car Rental Operators to create customized trip itineraries based on customer choice and make trip booking easy to increase customer experience it is also a  complete Trip Itinerary Planner that comes with the Key  role of Itinerary Creation, Itinerary Customization to build trip quotation and keep track of activities such as scheduling, itinerary, meals, booking, inventory to automate the travel process and increase bookings and customer revenues.

What are The Key Features Of Trip Builder?

here, are some of the key features of trip builder:-

Efficient service

Track sales

Manage Inventory



mobile-friendly design

easily integrate

Automated process

Fully customized

Advanced search available

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