What is Travel Technology?

What is Travel Technology?


Travel technology refers to the use of technology for trip planning and automates travel processes for travel agencies and tour operators, including reservations, inventory, payments, itineraries, and back-office operations. This enables clients to book trips online, which boosts bookings and income.

In the travel and tourism sector, travel technology is crucial. Providing all travel services, including hotels, flights, excursions, transfers, and activities on an internet platform, is revolutionizing the way that travel agencies market to customers and enhancing the guest experience.

It can also be referred to as an online system for managing travel arrangements for travel agents and tour operators, including hotels, flights, tours, and activities, as well as reservations, suppliers, inventories, and travel items.

XML API Integration :                         

One of the most fascinating applications of travel technology is XML API Integration. To help travel agents offer end users the greatest pricing and inventories while improving user experience, XML API Integration enables the integration of travel inventory of Hotels, Flights, Tours, and Transfers from international travel suppliers into travel portals Knowing the top travel technologies available in the travel and tourism sector, let's find out which business provides them.

Online Travel Portal Solution :

One of the most important travel technologies in the travel business is the online travel portal solution. Online Travel Portal Solution, or OTP for short, is an online booking engine with B2B and B2B Modules that enables travel agents and customers to browse and book hotels, airlines, tours, transfers, activities, and other travel services online through an intuitive booking platform.

Block Chain Hotel Booking Technology :

One of the newest technologies in the hotel sector, blockchain hotel booking technology, removes the middlemen and shifts the financial point of hotels to third-party booking platforms. With the help of this travel technology module, hoteliers can effortlessly manage inventories and concentrate more on their core business operations.

Tour Operator Software:

The second most prevalent travel technology in the travel and tourism sector is tour operator software. To automate their business processes and increase tour bookings, tour operators utilize tour operator software to handle tour inventory, tour packages, ticketing, itineraries, and reservations.

What are the Key Features Of Travel Technology?

Here, are some of the key features of Travel Technology:

B2B/B2C Travel Portal

Booking Engine for Hotels, Flights, Tours, Activities

Third-Party Supplier Integration

Itinerary Creation

Reservation Management

Payment Integration

Multi-language Support

Multi-currency Support

Mobile-Responsive Design

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