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Travel Technology

Travel industry is always growing fast than ever, it is becoming more and more travel business goals so their modern technology frameworks are becoming more and more powerful. At this trend, Technoheaven travel technology is centered on travel business expansion and is becoming a key enabler to make it happen for travel business.

So, See the video of Technoheaven travel technology module impacting the travel industry and how it is responding to competitors.

1. Travel Agency Software:

Technoheaven introducing Travel Agency Software – Travel Product – Our global Product is the future of travel technology. This technology module can integrate all business information with auto email confirmation, instant purchase services, CRM, accounting, booking task and many more.

Find more detailed information about how travel agency software module helps the travel technology industry.

2. Tour Operator Software:

Second one is Tour Operator software, this travel technology module can help to manage inventory, group travel, create package, manage account and also enables their customers to appreciate the immense efficiency with error correction process, increase productivity, and enhance the ability of the agency for managing changes.

Find more detailed information about how tour operator software module helps the travel technology industry.

3. Block Chain Hotel Booking Technology:

Next one is Block chain hotel booking technology, this travel technology help hoteliers to rent their property at global level and manage booking. This travel technology eliminates the middleman so it helps hotelier to avoid unnecessary expenses of middlemen.

Find more detailed information about how BlockChain Hotel Booking Technology module helps the travel technology industry.

4. XML API Integration:

This travel technology is the connection between the customer and supplier to permitting the various programing language. As API integration, we are providing integration services for Activity booking, Flight booking, Hotel reservation, car rental reservation and payment gateways.

Find more detailed information about how xml api integration module helps the travel technology industry.

For Innovative travel technology, Technoheaven is continuing to shape the future of travel by giving more choice to travel business.

Find more detail about travel technology trends in travel industry in this article “Travel Technology | Travel Technology Trends – Technoheaven”.

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