How do Mobile Apps Help Businesses to Increase Sales

There was a consistent revolution in the technology of desktops and laptops industry, But now this is the era of smartphones. Agility and flexibility in using smartphones are always on a higher side compared to laptops or desktops. You can surf or play with mobile just by laying down on a cozy couch at home & you just need a pocket to carry your mobile anywhere. Since a massive number of people use their phones for browsing, it has become extremely essential to have your presence on the mobile platform. And for this, only a mobile responsive website is not going to work, but the mobile application on play store will empower you to give more visibility of your products & services.

According to a report from Compuware, an American software company suggests that 85% consumer prefer apps over mobile websites. The most common reason for this is that apps are seen to be more convenient (55%), faster (48%) & easier to browse (40%). Users spend more time on their Android or iOS mobile applications (an average of 2 hours and 42 minutes per day, up four minutes on the same period last year) & only 22 minutes per day are spent in the browser, with the balance of time focused on applications. Users are turning away from the browser & relying on applications.

In travel & tourism industry, to connect with every type of customers is inevitable & to engage with them throughout their journey is equally imperative. Here, mobile solutions for travel business comes into the picture. When a travel agency has a mobile presence in terms of mobile application, it always works in better ways enabling the business owner to generate additional revenue.
Therefore, the need of having robust mobile app solution for travel agency has risen significantly in last few years due to following reasons:

Upgraded reach to customers

According to the Trip Advisor research, 42% travelers worldwide use their smartphones to book their holiday packages, tours or activities. Therefore, let’s not limit you to the travel website or booking engines only. Enlarge your range of services in offering travel apps to your end users and let them reach to you conveniently.

Be in touch with customers consistently

Sending push notifications for latest services, discounts, offers & promotions regarding new holiday packages, tours or activities etc. can be sent through apps which are likely to be seen or checked frequently by customers as compared to offers on the website or in mail inbox, as they are more active on apps.
Reinforce your brand on smartphone platform

Apart from your online travel booking website, travel apps help to strengthen your brand on smartphones, as surfing on phone is comparatively on the higher side. So, your brand will be creating an existence on play store through travel applications and thereby peoples’ smartphone screens. It will create awareness about your products and services and ultimately higher chances of visiting and booking in order to boost sales.

Be in the Competition

While over 40% of travelers worldwide are opting for smartphones to book their trips, it has become essential for travel companies to connect with them on a mobile platform. You will be able to showcase your products & services to every type of visitor. This will ultimately lead to the more inquiries on your portal for availing the services, which are likely to be converted for generating more revenue by selling more.

Today’s advanced mobile applications for the travel offer all those powerful features and facilities, in fact more, as a travel booking website does.

  • Inquiry & booking management for flights, hotels, tours, rental cars etc.
  • Complete itinerary solutions
  • Exploring holiday packages, destinations, attractions & things to do
  • API integrations with third-party suppliers
  • Secure mobile payments & payment gateway integration
  • Social media integration
  • Fast, user convenience, easy to browse
  • Google maps integration
  • Social sharing of trips, pictures, postcards, reviews

As a travel business owner, one will always want to generate higher revenue by creating a loyal customer base by connecting with them on their favorite platforms – be it smartphones, tablets or iPads. The existence on a play store will empower and strengthen your business through the help of mobile apps and reach out to those customers – who do not browse on websites or do not use laptops, desktops frequently for browsing.

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