How to integrate travel xml api into your website?

Integrate Travel XML API

API Integration is an end-to-end process for data collection from the Travel API and enables you to integrate third-party / GDS / XML API Integrations into your website’s booking engine.

There are many companies that offers the travel technology solutions with xml api integration to travel companies. we are providing integration services for Flight booking, Hotel booking and payment gateways.

Our Travel APIs are basically a set of web services, providing specialized or integrated travel services from a single platform and accessing travel deals from various travel suppliers. Travel agencies all use GDS, third-party flight APIs, hotel APIs to access travel deals online.

You can add markups for your agents or end-customers
  • You are the one who receives the payment directly from the clients
  • Provide highly dynamic data from the XML pages
  • Less content maintenance that allows you to focus on your core tasks such as marketing and packaging
  • Long-term reduction of travel agencies overhead costs

Our API is quick and easy to integrate with your existing travel products which allows for a fully customizable experience. This XML API is simple and user-friendly which connects online with World’s airlines, Tour operators and Hotel providers.

Benefits of Travel APIs
  • Easy Connectivity
  • 24×7 Bookings Worldwide
  • B2B and B2C Online Reservation Engine
  • Integrated Back office system
  • Easy to modify and update content
  • User-friendly interface
  • Seamless integration with third party applications
  • No expensive investment is needed

We provide complete solution for Web Services and XML API Integration in the web apps, websites and mobile apps. If you really wants to integrate Travel API into your website then you should Connect with Technoheaven travel technology company for the integration of the travel API.

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